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Author: Denisa Bratu

What can you do on Blood Donor Day?

by Anastasia Cojocaru Yesterday I was saddened to hear on the radio that the altar built for the 64 victims of the fire at the `Colectiv` nightclub was vandalised. Even though I was living abroad at the time of the tragedy, I remember how Romanian people used every means they had at hand to do…
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Do you know someone who was or is abused?

by Anastasia Cojocaru I was born in post-communist Romania and some my earliest memories come from the 90s. A lot has changed since I was born, but I cannot deny that growing up in Romania was difficult for me. Throughout my childhood and adolescence I have been subjected to various forms of physical, mental, and…
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Climat in schimbare si om in migrare

de Anastasia Cojocaru Schimbarile climatice la nivel global sunt anticipate sa produca migratii in masa, care nu vor mai fi considerate ca fiind o criza ci vor deveni un fenomen normal. Înainte de a începe o discutie despre legatura dintre schimbarile climatice si migratii este necesar sa facem distincţia dintre migrant şi refugiat. Refugiaţii sunt…
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A personal view on attitudes surrounding mental health problems

by Anastasia Cojocaru I am not only writing this article on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, but I am writing it for everyone who has ever experienced or is experiencing mental health problems and I hope putting down on paper my point of view will also help me reconcile with a part of…
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Modern replay of historical colonial experience or new, more efficient forms of development aid?

by Anastasia Cojocaru South-South cooperation has changed dramatically in the current global landscape and power appears to be shifting from the West to the East and South. North-South cooperation is seeing the emergence of South-South cooperation in the form of development aid and not only. South-South flows are growing quickly from a low base, but…
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