Suntem siguri că vă amintiți că în perioada 25 februarie – 25 martie 2017, delegații de tineret ai României la Organizația Națiunilor Unite – Denisa Bratu și Gabriel Uifălean au derulat Campania Națională ,,Bringing the UN back home” în 21 de orașe din România. Prin aceasta, cei doi delegați și-au propus […]

Campania Națională ,,Bringing United Nations back home”

by Anastasia Cojocaru Yesterday I was saddened to hear on the radio that the altar built for the 64 victims of the fire at the `Colectiv` nightclub was vandalised. Even though I was living abroad at the time of the tragedy, I remember how Romanian people used every means they […]

What can you do on Blood Donor Day?

by Anastasia Cojocaru I was born in post-communist Romania and some my earliest memories come from the 90s. A lot has changed since I was born, but I cannot deny that growing up in Romania was difficult for me. Throughout my childhood and adolescence I have been subjected to various […]

Do you know someone who was or is abused?

08_12_16 Youth Assembly-0237
Întotdeauna am crezut că dincolo de joburile pe care le avem, priorități, de supărări sau neajunsuri, trebuie să ne păstrăm pasiunile și să le fructificăm în timpul liber. Prin programul de voluntariat oferit de cei doi Delegați de tineret ai României, Denisa și Gabriel, am reușit să mă bucur, după un […]

Povești despre tineri: Veaceslav Crețu

While Denisa Bratu and Gabriel Uifălean travelled to New York to represent the Romanian youth, they met Trevor Arnett, a young singer who realized out of the blue that the artistic world can play a major role in tackling global issues. Impressed by the way that his songs open a […]

Stories about young people: Trevor Arnett