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Romanian UN Youth Delegates’ Speech at the 73nd UN General Assembly

Romanian UN Youth Delegates’ Speech at the 73nd UN General Assembly

Andrada C. Baba și Aurelian D. Mohan, Delegații de tineret ai României la ONU, au avut onoarea de a ține un discurs în cadrul celei de-a 73-a Adunare Generală a ONU


Andrada C. Baba și Aurelian D. Mohan, the United Nations Youth Delegates of Romania, had the honor to address the 73rd UNGA



Aurelian Mohan:

Mister Chair, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen,

 Andrada and I are honored to represent the Romanian youth at the United Nations! We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Permanent Mission of Romania to the UN for their unreserved and unconditional support. (Aurelian)

Our long-lasting endeavors focusing on the wellbeing of young people prompted us to engage in an extended analysis of their daily burdens. Akin to the former youth delegates, our surveys revealed that although the status quo improved over the last few years, the Romanian youth are still confronting the same challenges they did in the past. Education, civic engagement, and employment are the main concerns of those questioned; in extenso, specific training and opportunities should be provided in order for young people to get involved in problem-solving at local and national level; educational institutions must promptly adapt curricula for the purpose of improving the labor market relevance of their training; and leaders have to put the youth at the center of their policies with the aim of nurturing a milieu conducive to the development of young people. (Aurelian)

As Youth Delegates we strive for a better political representation of the aforementioned group through youth advisory councils, for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, and for a nation-wide framework capable of reducing early school leaving, of increasing participation in early education, and of fostering comprehensively developed and well-balanced human beings. Furthermore, our mission will be to curtail stereotypes, stigmas, and myths based on ethnicity, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and disability status. (Aurelian)

Nowadays, we neither live in the brightest day, nor in the darkest night, but, more than ever, it is required to understand that the progress of youth represents the progress of humankind and young leaders, governments, NGOs, and international organizations must act together, in perfect unity, in order to build a prosperous, sustainable future. (Aurelian)

Andrada Baba: Our lifestyle is in a constant change, and so are the human needs. Many of the jobs we do now did not exist 20 years ago, and many won’t be the same in the next two decades. Primary education is not only meant to prepare children for a future job, because we do not know what to train them for, education is meant to develop them for life, we have to make sure that the forthcoming generations will possess the capacity to adapt to an ever-changing social and economic environment. (Andrada)

In a world where the discrepancy between urban and rural, between rich and poor, between privileged and disadvantaged is so substantial, we have to make sure that education is focused mainly on creating skills such as critical and creative thinking, adaptability, time management, decision making and conflict resolution. In other words, not only hard skills play a significant role in one’s personal development, but also soft skills must be encouraged. We need to learn how to cope with the new life challenges and what we have to do is to assure the equality of chance and to adapt the educational system by changing the teaching methods and bring it up to date. (Andrada)

This is an emblematic year for Romania, we celebrate 100 years since the Great Union took place. In the year of the centenary we reflect on the past events and we calibrate so that we can thrive in the future. Even though the trans generational differences might often be considered an issue, I think this year is actually more about the generations coming along and build together, because we actually share the same goal, having a homogenous, balanced, safe and healthy life. This is the time we need to start to win back the trust in each other and the time we have to work together instead of working apart. This is one of the main desires Romanian youth expressed, to be given the chance to be part of building the future. We won’t be competitive within one month, but in 10 years we will feel the difference. (Andrada)


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