South-South cooperation

While Denisa Bratu and Gabriel Uifălean travelled to New York to represent the Romanian youth, they met Trevor Arnett, a young singer who realized out of the blue that the artistic world can play a major role in tackling global issues. Impressed by the way that his songs open a […]

Stories about young people: Trevor Arnett

Vi s-a întâmplat să admirați oameni de la depărtare pentru activitatea lor și să nu găsiți contextul potrivit pentru a dialoga? Probabil că acest context îmi lipsea inclusiv mie pentru a discuta cu anumite persoane cărora le urmăream implicarea în comunitățile locale. Cu toate acestea, oportunitatea de a lucra în […]

Povești despre tineri: Cristian Ghingheș

by Anastasia Cojocaru South-South cooperation has changed dramatically in the current global landscape and power appears to be shifting from the West to the East and South. North-South cooperation is seeing the emergence of South-South cooperation in the form of development aid and not only. South-South flows are growing quickly […]

Modern replay of historical colonial experience or new, more efficient ...