Values, Employment and Education in Romania: Fixing the Brain Drain and Increasing Employability

When?  22 July, 18:30

Where?  Terasa Monteoru, Calea Victoriei – 115. 11041146_10153309211435589_1281198760875174797_n


Terasa Monteoru will host an entertaining panel on values, education and employment in Romania. Marisa McIsaac (US Embassy), Veronica Sirbu (Judge; Leaders for Justice Alumna; LiderJust member) and Diana Ursachi (Guidecademy; US Fulbright Alumna) invite you to a panel addressing challenging topics such as:

1.the need to teach rules and government in schools, so that future leaders & employees know what they need to comply with and avoid corruption, nepotism and the like

2. the need to intertwine legal education with humanistic values

3. the need to periodically assess teachers on their psychological profile and teaching drive, to prevent 72% of the Romanian students from saying that university studies don’t provide the right skills for the labor market or for searching for a job, as was the case in 2013 (Deloitte. 2013. First Steps into the Labor Market The move that matters)

Beverages will be available for purchase.

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